Personalized Neurofeedback Diagnostic Reporting

Findings Appointment

Part 4 of a Five-Part Series on Neurofeedback Therapy

After your clinical interview, diagnostic testing, and brain mapping sessions, Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic spends considerable time examining the assembled information. We develop an understanding of the likely underlying causes of your symptoms, and a therapy plan to address those problems. During a one-hour appointment, we discuss our findings with you.

What Happens During a Findings Appointment

The team at the Brain Health Clinic compiles a comprehensive written report including the findings of all three of the previous steps in your assessment process. During your one-hour visit with a clinician, we present the written report and provide a detailed verbal explanation of the findings. You receive the test results from your diagnostic assessments and your qEEG session. At that point we provide our recommendation for the type of therapeutic interventions that best suit your needs. Neurofeedback training is routinely recommended, but it may be coupled with psychotherapy or other forms of therapy. We also discuss the likely number of sessions required to train your brain.

Along with a suggested therapy plan, we also provide recommendations for helpful alterations to your schedule, lifestyle, or diet. We discuss whether your sessions will be in person, telesessions conducted over the Internet, or a mix of the two. Finally, we make certain to answer all questions you may have to your satisfaction.

In our next article we will discuss the fifth step in the neurofeedback process — actually beginning the therapy sessions! For more questions about neurofeedback at the Brain Health Clinic, contact us by phone or online for a free consultation. Let us help you to make your brain function brilliant!

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