Our Mission

Our mission is to help you discover or rediscover your potential by leading a life that is more satisfying. By tuning up your brain, your thought processes, brainpower, and energy will improve.

When your brain functions better, your thinking is different and your life takes new paths. It is not “magic.” Think of it as a journey, not a destination.

The brain is an elegant organ. It weighs about 3 ½ pounds. Its composition is fatty, watery, and full of “electrical wiring,” actually comprised of neurons and “zillions” of synapses connecting all the neurons. We don’t think of the brain as having “electricity” and treating it accordingly, because we are accustomed to simply taking  pills that affect our brain.

Tuning up the brain with neurofeedback is non-invasive and does not use pills. It is a pleasant experience, leading to a rewarding and better future.

Electricity is actually how the brain conducts its tasks such as thinking, problem solving, creativity, and memory. Other tasks such as breathing, heart regulation, digestion, and so on are carried on “behind the scenes,” or not in our direct awareness.

The brain not only functions with electricity, but also in various frequencies. There are no “bad frequencies.” All the frequencies such as alpha, have their place and function. Problems occur when the “volume” (voltage) is too high. Think of this like music: if the drums are too loud, they drown out the voice. There must be a balance across all the frequencies.

The brain must be able to “shift gears” like an automatic transmission. You would not drive down the expressway in first gear, nor would you go up a mountain in over-drive. If you have a task to solve, the brain must “shift” into the problem solving frequency. If it is time to go to sleep, the brain needs to “shift” into the sleep range of frequencies.

The Brain Health Clinic will help you with all of these matters relating to your brain.