The Brain Health Clinic focuses on the treatment of clients who have tried other forms of treatment without achieving their desired results. Their approach treats the whole body and mind.  The holistic approach may incorporate referrals to other professionals to support the needed help to healing the whole body.

Every individual is as unique as the challenges that brought you in to our clinic.  Even very complicated cases, such as fibromyalgia and depression with suicidal ideation, become understandable and can be helped.  The Brain Health Clinic techniques have been shown to be particularly effective in treating brain injuries.  Many of her clients have reported benefits within a few weeks.

We value a collaborative treatment approach and encourages communication between all the members of the treatment team.  If you have a professional on your team who would appreciate being a professional referral, please let us know.

Professional Referrals

Books of Interest

Organization of Interest

  • Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
    A national organization with local chapters, CHADD provides family support and advocacy, public and professional education and encouragement of scientific research.
  • National ADD Association
    Large site with lots of information on ADD.  Articles on needs of adults, young adults and families. Contains information on resources and research as well as workplace, relationship, parenting, and educational information.
  • National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
    This is the California resource page within the website for the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities.  This is a convenient way for you to find a wide array of California resources.  It includes state agencies, disability organizations, and parent organizations.
  • National Association for The Mentally Ill
    NAMI California is dedicated to the strengthening of local grass roots organizations. We provide updated information and support to local affiliates and are here to help organize new affiliates. NAMI California has 71 local affiliates and represents 19,000 people to the California Legislature and Governor on mental illness issues. NAMI California educates families, professionals and the public about the recent explosion of scientific evidence that shows serious mental illnesses are neurobiological brain disorders. NAMI California works to provide a strong, coherent system that offers a continuum of care for the persistent, long-term needs of people with mental illness. NAMI California advocates for increased research to uncover causes and new, effective treatments. NAMI California strives to eradicate stigma.