August 23, 2022

Our children had an extremely traumatic upbringing until we adopted them several years ago. No therapy or other counseling seemed to work, and we had been experiencing some severe behaviors due to PTSD. After exhausting all avenues and still experiencing no relief, we were having to make decisions that would require more long-term and intensive care, which we were hesitant to do. Thankfully, that is when we found Dr. Teurman! After several weeks of treatments, my children were able to feel happier and less anxious. Their ability to regulate their emotions and moods has improved, which helps them make better choices. While we still experience behaviors, they are manageable for us now. Also, my kids had great anxiety around therapy and were resistant to go, but after the first visit, they loved coming when they realized that they felt better and didn't have to relive painful memories or talk about uncomfortable experiences over and over again. Dr. Teurman and her staff truly blessed our family in a way nothing and no one else could!

August 12, 2022

I was struggling with a lot of psychosomatic symptoms of anxiety to the point I was going in and out of the ER. As a fulltime college student, I was desperate to get help. As a psychology major, I'm a big believer in talk therapy, but didn't know much about LENS Neurofeedback at the time of meeting Dr. Teurman. Still, I was open to trying it out since I believe our bodies and mental health are connected. Looking back, I think the Neurofeedback was just what I needed, and was more helpful to me than talk therapy would've been. Since treatment with the Neurofeedback and using Heart Math, I haven't had a single anxiety attack. Even during the stressful events in my life, I feel in control and like I got my life back. Dr. Teurman is very knowledgeable, personable, and empathetic. She listens to her clients and goes above and beyond as a clinician. I would highly recommend her and Neurofeedback for those looking to improve their health. I loved my experience with the Brain Health Clinic and cannot thank Dr. Teurman enough for her generosity, support, and assistance!

July 30, 2022

I committed to thirty sessions to the health clinic to resolve daily anxiety and stress created from childhood trauma. I did not miss one treatment with two treatments per week and now I feel so much better. I do not obsess over trivial concerns in my life as before. I disciplined myself to eat and drink healthy, took all of the recommended vitamins and exercised regularly. Although the treatment was expensive, I feel it was a good investment in my overall health and well being. I have found relationships are much easier than before treatment.

Female (52 yrs old)
February 8, 2022

Since beginning treatment with the Brain Health Clinic, I am standing up for myself more, giving myself more permission to take care of my needs and have healthier boundaries. I am more vocal about seeking help when it is needed. I find that I have been more organized and able to declutter my home. I have had communication breakthroughs with family members that were long overdue. I have noticed that I am more available, and I am more effective in my parenting and avoiding parental rage when my children challenge me. I have had an easier time working through challenging situations with colleagues. I have found that I can get to the root of an issue more easily and find that I am less reactive. I am happy that I have given myself this treatment and it feels like a treat!

Judy and Greg
Husband and wife (65 and 70 yrs old)
February 8, 2022

I’ve tried many therapies and Neurofeedback with Dr. Teurman has been the most effective and efficient with results almost immediately. My husband has been reticent regarding counseling or therapy and has managed to avoid such things until this past year. He did research about Neurofeedback and was willing to try as it seemed to be the least invasive with good and lasting results. He reports being very happy with the results and would recommend this to anyone. He is more open to new ideas and doing things differently. Neurofeedback has significantly reduced his anxiety from out of control to being rarely reactive. I noticed regularly feeling peaceful and focused after treatment. I have noticed my meditations that have been qualitatively different in the ease of meditating. My eating is more controlled, and my blood pressure has come down to very close to normal. I have been more energetic, upbeat organized and focused. Also, I am less anxious, and my fear center seems to be quiet. I am thrilled I treated myself to this intervention. We also really appreciate the professionalism, skills and thoughtfulness of Dr. Teurman and Madison. They listen to us and adjust when needed and their kindness instills trust and connection. We cannot recommend them enough.

Male (65 yrs old)
February 8, 2022

After each Neurofeedback treatment I am noticing the psychological openings into a kind of future that I have long wished for. When I left the clinic yesterday, I was filled with a sense of great possibility and a kind of playful sense of how to imagine what I really wanted to do for this year as opposed to what I have to do. I also notice having more hope and curiosity about things. Now I have a better understanding of how the actual brain wiring control plays a part of my outlook on life and my happiness in relationships or career choices. I believe my physiology and psychology are interacting with each other in synchronicity that I have not known before.

October 5, 2016

My upbringing was deeply painful, and I now understand how trauma is passed on intergenerationally and can get fixed in the brain's neural patterns. That's the reason talk therapy only took me so far, and sometimes made me feel worse...hashing and rehashing the trauma wasn't helping and "insight" did little for a system stuck in fight/flight/freeze mode. Neurofeedback has definitely improved my brain health...less mind chatter and agitation, and more creativity and motivation. I especially appreciated Dr. Teurman's warmth and empathy...I felt heard and accepted in her presence. In addition to the LENS neurofeedback, she emphasized better nutrition and turned me on to HeartMath training as a tool for dealing with my anxiety. If traditional talk therapy is leaving you feeling stuck, I highly recommend the Brain Health Clinic!

Stan Hunter
October 5, 2016

I highly recommend Dr Teurman and the Brain Health Clinic. She is professional, knowledgeable and personal, and I really enjoy my sessions with her. I feel more relaxed, focused and happy since I started working with Dr Teurman.

Robert Sousa
September 27, 2016

I've had some major issues with anxiety for about 9 months. I believe the combination of the neuro-feedback technology offered by Dr. Gay Teurman and the Heart Math technology and life-coaching offered by Petra Glenesk have helped me out tremendously. I feel much more like my old self again! Thank you so much for all your help and support. I really appreciate it!

Danny G.
September 15, 2016

At age 64 and 31 years with one company, I was being treated horribly by a new management team. I hung in until age 65 and retired. I was hurt and angry that led to depression. Today I am happier than I have been in many years and without medication. Dt. T is my hero.

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