Anxiety Neurofeedback Treatment

AnxietyAnxiety – the body’s response to a “perceived threat or danger” – can be a minor annoyance for some and a debilitating condition for others. When the threat or danger is actually imminent, anxiety can prevent us from coming to harm. When our anxiety revolves around our perceptions only, it can prevent us from acting in our best interest, or in the interest of others.

Neurofeedback was first applied to helping people reduce anxiety, to relax. Therefore, the protocols for helping patients overcome anxiety are well established. The Brain Health Clinic is therefore ready to help our Sacramento clients overcome their anxiety problems with neurofeedback therapy.

Neurofeedback for Performance Anxiety

Another use for neurofeedback in relation to anxiety involves improving sports and artistic performance. Name the competitive or performance endeavor and the perception of danger, expressed as the fear of failure, can loom large in the mind of the athlete or artist. Studies show that neurofeedback can significantly improve the performer’s mental focus on the tasks at hand by reducing performance anxiety. So whether you want to be a more confident dancer, athlete or performer, the Brain Health Clinic can help you with the psychological science of neurofeedback.
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