Your First Meeting at the Brain Health Clinic

Clinical Interview

The Clinical Interview

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series on the Neurofeedback Process

Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic appreciates the opportunity to help you pursue a healthy brain and a healthy life. The initial neurodiagnostic process is only the beginning of your treatment with us, but it has several important steps. To help you understand these preparatory steps for neurofeedback training, we are presenting each step as a separate article. Each article will explain what happens during that step and why it is important.

The first in-person meeting at the Brain Health Clinic is your clinical interview. You meet for one hour with Dr. Teurman or another clinician. We first consider your personal history and why you decided to use neurofeedback training.

We then explain the science behind brain training and how it works at the Brain Health Clinic. We present the results you can expect from neurofeedback, based on our experience with other clients presenting similar symptoms and the available research. We also illustrate how improved self-regulation is an expected outcome of brain training and the benefits that you can expect from developing your abilities in this regard.

Finally, we finish with a discussion about how lifestyle choices can promote brain dysregulation and neurotoxicity, or brain regulation and neuro-wellness. At the conclusion of the session, family members can ask any questions they have for the clinician. We also send our clients home with information that encapsulates the topics discussed and that provides additional resources on healthy living.

Promoting Long-Term Results

The Brain Health Clinic promotes long-term results for our clients via thorough preparation. The clinical interview is the first major step in that process. In our next article, learn more about the following step: diagnostic testing.

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