Cognitive Fogginess Neurofeedback Treatments

Cognitive FogginessCognition is the process of taking in information and then using it to develop meaning, understanding and learning. At times in our life, we may feel that our ability to engage in this process is limited, and patients often describe it as their brain being “in a fog.” Living in the Sacramento Valley helps us understand this comparison, as we’ve all experienced driving or walking in fog. Our senses are limited, the amount of information we can take in is reduced, and it becomes hard to see our goal or to focus on the destination.

Neurofeedback has a demonstrated benefit for improving cognition for people of all ages. Studies have even been performed with populations suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, where neurofeedback is shown to improve patient memory and recognition while stabilizing other cognitive functions. MRI imaging reveals that neurofeedback leads to positive changes in neural connectivity, the likely source of these cognitive improvements.

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