What Happens During Neurofeedback?

Most patients really enjoy their neurofeedback sessions! Typical sessions take less than an hour. Before each session a technician or therapist asks about any notable progress in your symptoms or any other changes in your state of health and well-being. Your session guidelines are based on the recommendations of your therapist, ideally derived from the results of your initial qEEG brain map.

Clients sit comfortably in a chair during neurofeedback sessions. You spend the time watching images or video on a television, selected based on your personal preferences. The visual stimuli is designed to be calming and enjoyable. What you see is based upon the patterns detected in your brainwaves. As you adjust your brainwave activity, the visual stimuli is altered, thus training your brain for the benefit of your health and well-being.

Our technician is with you throughout the process, monitoring your progress, making sure you are comfortable, and adjusting the equipment and neurofeedback parameters as needed. We check in with you periodically throughout the hour to see how you feel and to determine if any changes are desired. At the end of session, some clients express feeling calm or sleepy, while others report feeling energized!

For the most challenging problems related to brainwave activity, an average of forty sessions are needed to create long-lasting improvement. By using qEEG brain maps, the number of sessions required for generating significant progress may be reduced.

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