Depression Neurofeedback Treatment


Depression can strike people at any age and can be connected to specific traumatic events, genetic traits, or changes in hormonal regulation or brain chemistry. Neurofeedback can be a valuable therapy for depression, in conjunction with or separate from other psychiatric and medical forms of treatment. Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic is prepared to determine if neurofeedback might benefit you or a loved one to deal with the challenges of depression.

Studies examining the benefits of neurofeedback therapy for treating depression are in development and ongoing. One very helpful experiment reported in the journal Neuroimage demonstrates why neurofeedback is potentially effective in dealing with brain disorders like depression. The Swiss researchers split patients into two groups: one received neurofeedback therapy and the other group was trained to “self-regulate” their thinking. The changes in their brain networks were then compared using magnetic resonance imaging (in this case, fMRI scans that study blood flow and brain oxygen levels). Patients in the neurofeedback group showed significantly greater changes in their brain networks than patients using methods of self-regulation. This points to the brain undergoing greater “learning” to enable patients to overcome their brain disorders. To apply the advantages of neurofeedback to your own brain physiology, contact the Brain Health Clinic for a free consultation at 916-662-7740.
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