ADHD Neurofeedback Treatment

ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, can be a very destabilizing influence on a family as they struggle to help a child manage impulses and improve decision-making. In adults, ADHD can make it difficult to navigate work and private life successfully. Since this particular disorder is very specifically related to how the brain functions, the potential for neurofeedback therapy to improve a patient’s day-to-day life is of considerable interest.

Two recent studies examining the results of multiple worldwide experiments on neurofeedback (one published in America in 2016 and the other by a French team in 2014), found that parents generally report behavioral improvement in children with ADHD after neurofeedback therapy. One study also found that teachers recognized improvement in student attention span, a major issue for ADHD pupils. Combine neurofeedback with other therapies, such as life coaching, and patients with ADHD can successfully navigate childhood, schooling, work and adulthood.

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