Whiplash Injuries Neurofeedback Treatments

WhiplashAlthough the majority of treatments involving neurofeedback apply to strictly brain-oriented disorders, a recent Mexican study confirmed that this therapy also assists the victims of whiplash to reduce muscular disorder and lingering pain. When you consider the body’s response to pain sensations, this experimental result makes perfect sense.

The Vicious Cycle of Pain and Tension

When a certain part of the body senses pain, the muscles in that area receive feedback from the brain that instructs them to tense up in response. This muscular tension can then lead to further pain due to tight muscles. When one set of muscles tighten, they tend to affect complementary muscles in other areas. As you can imagine or perhaps have experienced, this can lead to lingering and severe pain sensations that continue or spread long after the initial stimulus that started the cycle.

Neurofeedback can help patients with whiplash injuries to reduce their tension and pain. Since a portion of the disabling symptoms of whiplash are related to psychophysiological responses, altering the brain perception and reaction to the signals coming from the injury site can lead to improvements in the management of pain and other symptoms. The Brain Health Clinic of Sacramento is ready to help you experience the benefits of neurofeedback for whiplash injury. For more information and a consultation, please contact our caring staff for assistance.
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