Benefits of Neurofeedback

The primary benefit of neurofeedback is this — it works! Studies by scientists and the experiences of clients at the Brain Health Clinic demonstrate that the vast majority of people who use neurofeedback experience significant improvement in their symptoms. Training the brain through neurofeedback produces positive, long-lasting results on a regular basis.

Minimal Side Effects

Another benefit of neurofeedback is that it provides relief from symptoms while causing minimal, if any, side effects. Many therapies that effectively address the primary symptoms of brain and psychological disorders can also lead to annoying side effects of their own. Brain training via neurofeedback generally avoids this problem. For example, the journal Current Psychiatry Reports said that neurofeedback is “a non-pharmacological and non-invasive intervention that has shown promising results in managing the ADHD symptoms in the long run and without side effects.” [italics ours]

Convenient Sessions

The Brain Health Clinic arranges convenient neurofeedback sessions that can be held in our Sacramento office or via remote neurofeedback training. After the initial sessions for brain mapping, training, and consultation, patients can go home with a portable neurofeedback unit and connect with their therapist online. Remote neurofeedback is especially beneficial for patients who travel frequently or who are recovering at home and find it difficult to go out for appointments.

Neurofeedback is effective, has minimal side effects compared to pharmacological solutions, is tailored specifically to the individual, and is remarkably convenient. Our therapists at the Brain Health Clinic have significant experience with neurofeedback and design treatment programs that work for you. For a free consultation to determine if neurofeedback can help you to improve your brain function, contact Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic by phone or by using our online form.

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