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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing at the Brain Health Clinic

Part 2 of a Five Part Series on the Neurofeedback Process

Before we begin the electrical measurement of your brainwave patterns, the Brain Health Clinic starts with an assessment of your mental health using standard diagnostic testing. This part of the process has significant benefits. Diagnostic tests are developed after much time and research. Scientists and developers examine thousands of subjects and spend many thousands of hours refining the tests to make certain that they are both accurate and precise. What do these two qualities imply about a test and why are they important in the neurofeedback process?

Diagnostic Tests Must Be Accurate

Test accuracy determines whether or not an exam actually measures what it is supposed to measure, in this case the psychiatric health of our client. The Brain Health Clinic only uses diagnostic tests that provide useful results for the clinician. Based on our extensive therapeutic experience with many different types of problems in brain health, our clinic has selected specific assessments that provide valuable information.

Diagnostic Tests Must Be Precise

Diagnostic precision relates to the reliability of a test. Without any significant changes in your health and wellness, would you get the same result from a test after taking it multiple times? If so, that test is precise and reliable. Diagnostic tests with high levels of precision produce information that we can trust. Again, the Brain Health Clinic only uses assessments that we have seen produce consistent results over time.

How We Conduct Diagnostic Testing

You can take the diagnostic tests in the comfort of our clinic, or in the familiar surroundings of your home. The cost of the testing is the same either way. Most of the tests we select are computer-administered. If you are uncomfortable with computers, we recommend taking the tests at the Brain Health Clinic so that we can provide any needed assistance. The testing should take one hour. Young children usually need the help of their parent or guardian.

If you have questions about our diagnostic testing, you can have them answered at your first visit, the clinical interview. Your personal history and symptoms may play a role in the diagnostic tests that we select. Ultimately, diagnostic testing helps the Brain Health Clinic make your neurofeedback experience more efficient and effective.


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