Quantitative EEG Brain Mapping

What is qEEG Brain Mapping?


A qEEG brain mapping session is a simple, painless process that takes less than an hour. The exam is generally conducted on your second appointment with the Brain Health Clinic. You sit comfortably the entire time. First, a sensor cap is placed on your head. It looks very similar to a swimming cap, but with sensors and wires attached to it. The sensors detect brain wave activity and allow our technician or therapist to record how the neurons in your brain function and communicate with one another. The sensors work through hair and skin, so we do not puncture the skin, use needles, or shave your hair.

Setting up the sensors takes about twenty minutes. Once everything is tested for connectivity, you sit quietly for ten minutes with your eyes open, and another ten minutes with your eyes closed. Meanwhile, the sensors record your typical brainwave patterns. This information establishes a baseline for the neural activity inside your brain and helps our therapist to identify any significant differences from healthy averages. You may feel tired when the session is complete, but you can safely drive and go about your day.

After gathering the information from your brain mapping session, our therapist reviews the data to determine the next steps in your treatment. Analyzing a single 20-minute qEEG session often takes several hours. The advantage to you and to your therapist is that a quality brain map makes it much easier to plan therapy sessions that effectively address the concerns of the client. After 10-15 therapy sessions, best practice suggests a follow-up qEEG session to monitor actual progress based on brainwave activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the qEEG

Does it hurt?

No, the procedure is completely painless.

Will my head be shaved?


Will I be shocked by the electrodes?


Will I be injected with anything?

No! The EEG recording is completely non-invasive.

May I eat before the test?

Yes. You should limit fluid and food intake 2 hours before the test.


How long will the actual test take?

Approximately 15 minutes. The length of the test depends on how still and alert you can remain during testing. The preparation for the test will take approximately 20 minutes, therefore, the total time in office is about 60 minutes, and we book an hour for the process.

Should I do anything special before the test?

Have a good night’s sleep the evening before. On the morning of the test wash and dry your hair thoroughly.

DO NOT USE HAIR SPRAY, MOUSSE, ETC. These products will make the scalp slick and the electrodes will not stick. Dry your hair completely and do not braid it.

Limit caffeine intake to 1 cup of coffee or tea 2 hours prior to the testing and try not to smoke tobacco.

What about medications?

Follow your doctor’s instructions. He may want you to discontinue some or all medications. Do not take any over the counter medications such as aspirin, antihistamines, ibuprofen, Tylenol, nasal sprays, cough medicine, allergy medication, analgesics, herbs, neutraceuticals, food supplements, amino acids, or other related products. If you are in doubt please call your doctor’s office. Also, do not take any street drugs by any means (smoke, injection, orally, etc.) for several days before the test. If you do, the test will need to be cancelled.