fMRI with multiple views of the brain during a scan
29 Feb: Functional MRI and Neurofeedback

New studies are using fMRI not just to demonstrate changes in brain activity but also to direct neurofeedback therapy for patients. This is evidence of how therapy from Brain Health Clinic has the potential to improve the lives of our clients.

Illustration of complex neuronal network neurons and synapses in brain.
26 Feb: Evidence for Neurofeedback

Scientific studies of neurofeedback inconclusively proves that neurofeedback it is highly effective for treating specific types of brain disorders. Here we take a look at the evidence.

AUD - Alcohol Use Disorder
13 Dec: Alcohol Use Disorder and the Pandemic

Alcohol Use Disorder increased during the pandemic. It may be five to six years before drinking trends go back to normal, but for some people the change is permanent and deadly. How can you recognize the signs of AUD? Where can you look for assistance to overcome this disorder? Find out here.

Findings Appointment
31 Oct: Personalized Neurofeedback Diagnostic Reporting

After collecting a significant amount of information about the mental health and brain functioning of our clients, we gather the material for a findings report. This helps us to develop personalized recommendations and answer all of your questions about the plan for therapy.

Brain Map
30 Oct: Brain Mapping for Directed Therapy

The qEEG or brain map is a vital diagnostic tool for the neurofeedback therapist. Without it, the therapist and the patient must employ a “best guess” process. Here are 4 things to know about brain mapping.