09 Feb: Tired of Insomnia?

This article presents the results of a study that investigated whether neurofeedback could help people fall asleep. The results are promising!

What is Z Score
01 Nov: What is Z Score Neurofeedback?

Z-score training is a form of neurotherapy that takes advantage of research involving hundreds of other people to determine average brainwave patterns. Find out how the Brain Health Clinic uses this therapy to help patients like yourself.

Family Gatherings
27 Oct: Family Gatherings in the Time of COVID

The pandemic affected everyone in various ways. Due to this, differences in viewpoints and our own mental health may make upcoming family gatherings challenging. Our therapists can assist you to prepare for situations that challenge the best of us. Our goal is to help you manage and be comfortable in a world that always creates changes.

02 Jun: Stick to the Schedule

Commitment is critical to success in neurofeedback. Regular sessions attended for a recommended length of time help the brain rewire itself for success. Find out more about how to maximize the results of your therapy in this article.