Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared therapy is beneficial for the relief of pain and muscle tightness, while simultaneously improving circulation and reducing fatigue. As stated in the Japanese Journal of Physical Therapy Science, the dual nature of infrared light means that it acts as both a ray and an electromagnetic wave, allowing it to penetrate “into the deep part of the skin tissue, thereby dilating blood vessels and improving circulation.” From years of experience, both personal and clinical, the Brain Health Clinic has found that relieving chronic pain, stress and tension may require attention to both nervous system dysfunction and muscular dysfunction. Infrared light therapy can play a proven role is such therapeutic treatment.

The Brain Health Clinic employs two different forms of infrared therapy, based on the specific needs of the client. BioMat therapy can be used both in the clinic and in the home. Training in the use of the BioMat can be provided during your therapy visits to the Brain Health Clinic. Photonic stimulation therapy also employs infrared light, but in a targeted manner. This clinical therapy is especially useful for alleviating the pain caused by sports injuries, but it has also proven beneficial for chronic joint and facial pain.

Both of these infrared therapies are discussed in further detail here on our Brain Health Clinic website. To arrange a personal consultation on the benefits of infrared therapy for your specific situation, please contact Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic by phone or online.

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