Traumatic Brain Injury Neurofeedback Treatment

Traumatic Brain InjuryTraumatic Brain Injury or Acquired Brain Injury (TBI and ABI, respectively) generally is followed by significant impairments and debilitating symptoms. And as stated by one team of military doctors, “despite typical pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, many individuals remain highly symptomatic and are vexing to clinicians.” Despite this gloomy prognosis, the Brain Health Clinic of Sacramento offers relief for the headaches, dysfunction and cognitive impairment often suffered after TBI.

Neurofeedback is now known to be an effective treatment for injured military combat veterans, accident victims and stroke survivors, positively altering brain structure and reducing symptoms in response to therapy.

Since these brain injuries are often major, studies show that significant improvement requires multiple treatment sessions spaced out over a period of weeks. Despite this fact, most patients report benefits from neurofeedback within a short time and continual improvement in symptoms up to and after the final therapy session. If you or a loved one suffers from a significant brain injury, we have a solution for the frustrating complications caused by TBI. Please consult with the Brain Health Clinic to determine the best course of action and develop an effective treatment plan using neurofeedback.
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