Post-Concussive Disorder Neurofeedback Treatments

Post-Concussive DisorderPost-concussive disorder, also called post-concussion syndrome, describes the neurological difficulties experienced by patients who have suffered one or more concussions. This is an increasingly studied aspect of head injuries caused by contact sports or physical trauma suffered in the line of duty by military veterans. Many neurologists are now demonstrating the positive improvements in brain physiology and function created by using electronic brain mapping as a diagnostic tool in conjunction with directed neurofeedback therapy.

Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic is prepared to assist veterans, young athletes and other persons who have experienced concussions and are suffering from the after effects. Science has demonstrated that while concussions cause unpredictable brain damage, neurofeedback generates specific forms of physiological brain improvements. To benefit from this advantageous therapy, contact the Brain Health Clinic at 916-662-7740 or use our online appointment form to arrange a consultation.
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