The Benefits of Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping

Clients that come to us for therapy are seeking to improve their quality of life. Specific situations or certain environmental triggers are causing them difficulty, or their brain just doesn’t seem to be functioning “the way it used to.” Ultimately, the effectiveness of a therapeutic treatment is judged by the outcome; specifically, does the patient feel better or not? At the Brain Health Clinic, we can also objectively test for functional improvements in brain responses with a non-invasive procedure called brain mapping.

Studying Brain Function Electronically

Throughout our lives our brains respond to the environment around us by making changes in how our neurons are connected together. This ability of the brain to form new neural connections — or to destroy old ones — is called brain plasticity. Imaging studies using MRI machines can demonstrate such structural changes in the brain, but acquiring these images is quite expensive. We provide an affordable, non-invasive method of testing right in the comfort of our own office through qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalograph). During qEEG testing, we collect the needed data measuring brain wave activity. These measurements are then used to create a “brain map” that depicts how your brain actually operates at an electrical level.

By creating a brain map before therapy begins, we document the baseline pattern of your brain activity in response to your environment. Based on this initial information on how your brain functions, we can better plan your neurofeedback sessions. Brain mapping thus leads to more efficient and effective neurotherapy.

After a series of sessions is complete, a second brain mapping procedure can record how the brain’s response to environmental stimuli has changed due to your therapeutic treatment. It also helps us see where future improvements in brain function might yet be made. For clients who are completely satisfied with their post-therapy results, a pattern of healthy brainwave activity can be recorded on the brain map and used for comparison purposes in the future.

Why Brain Mapping is Important

To summarize, the benefit of brain mapping is that it gives you and your therapist an accurate picture of your brainwave activity before beginning your sessions. It establishes areas for improvement based on research and past experience, thus improving the quality and effectiveness of your therapy. Finally, brain mapping documents results as a potential diagnostic tool for the future.

At the Brain Health Clinic we want your brain to feel brilliant! Brain mapping is a technique that helps guide you and your therapist to take the most effective path to brilliance. For more information about brain mapping and neurotherapy at Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic, contact us online or by phone and ask for a free consultation.

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Thank you for talking about how brain mapping helps you to find effective Neurotherapy. I was diagnosed with a medical condition last year and I want to improve my health. I will find a good place for a brain performance test for this to assist.

Hi Starli, thank you for your comment. Please let us know if we can be of service to you.

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