The New Patient Process at the Brain Health Clinic

New Patient

The staff of the Brain Health Clinic in Sacramento appreciates the opportunity to work with you and walk with you as you pursue a healthy brain and a healthy life. Therapy with neurofeedback at our clinic uses a five step process. To give you a better idea of how that process works, here are the five steps we take to guide your brain towards improved wellness.

Step 1 — The Clinical Interview

You likely received a free consultation before your clinical interview. There we made certain that the Brain Health Clinic was suited to meeting your therapeutic needs. At the clinical interview you meet with us to officially discuss your clinical history and your current situation. We explain and demonstrate how neurofeedback works. To conclude, we go over your present lifestyle and discuss any effects your diet and habits may be having on your health and wellness.

Step 2  — Diagnostic Testing and Assessment

Psychological diagnostic testing before receiving neurofeedback therapy is considered the standard of good care. You can do the tests at home or in our comfortable clinic. A clinician facilitates the testing. Young children will likely need the help of their parents.

Step 3 — Brain Mapping (qEEG)

Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) produces a map of your baseline brain activity before therapy. Without a brain map, the efficiency of your therapeutic sessions is reduced. With a brain map, your therapist knows the direction your brain needs to take in order to function effectively. One hour is required for the initial testing, and the results are then analyzed to produce your neurofeedback therapeutic plan. The fee for this testing includes a post qEEG session and up to two additional qEEG sessions to monitor progress after a certain number of weeks.

Step 4 — Briefing on qEEG Results and Discussion of Your Treatment Plan

After analyzing your qEEG results, a therapist develops a plan for your neurofeedback sessions. We discuss the findings contained in the qEEG data, and make any necessary lifestyle recommendations. This is your opportunity to discuss the course of your treatment, to resolve your questions, and to approve the therapeutic plan.

Step 5 — Neurotherapy for Brain Training

All of the previous steps exist to ensure the success of the final step — your actual neurofeedback sessions. The typical appointment lasts a little less than an hour. We recommend two to three sessions per week and a course of treatment that lasts between thirty to sixty sessions, based on results. Bundle your sessions in advance and receive a discount from the Brain Health Clinic. Remote neurofeedback training is possible. If you end up needing fewer sessions due to results, your remaining sessions are credited for future use or for the use of a loved one.

To find out more about receiving neurofeedback training at the Brain Health Clinic, contact us by phone or online today.

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