Brain Fog and Long COVID


As our experience with the coronavirus continues, scientists gain more knowledge of long COVID — the continuation of symptoms long after the illness should have passed. In a previous article we discussed the many different neurological markers of long COVID. Of these, brain fog is the most commonly reported side effect, with nearly one-third of patients reporting trouble with this symptom. Fortunately, the Brain Health Clinic has significant experience helping people with brain fog via neurofeedback.

What is Brain Fog?

In cases involving long COVID, medical experts have a specific name for brain fog: post-acute sequelae of SARS CoV-2 infection (PASC for short). Patients report difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, and poor recall. In other words, they have deficits in attention, memory, and executive functions (the ability to perform complex skills or to multi-task). Usually, brain fog presents itself in patients who were hospitalized or who had severe illness with COVID.

But these negative cognitive effects can be present even if the patient thinks they are just fine. As reported by Harvard Health Publishing, German researchers surveyed two groups of subjects, one with people who were previously ill from COVID and another with people who never had COVID. Both groups were unanimous in stating that they had no cognitive defects. Nevertheless, the COVID group performed significantly worse on an attention task, demonstrating that even when the symptoms of long COVID are not noticeable, unrecognized brain fog may still result.

Fortunately, this COVID-induced brain fog generally goes away on its own after six to nine months. Some patients, however, continue to have cognitive issues for a year or more. If you are in either situation and want your brain fog to go away, neurofeedback is a more rapid solution.

We especially recommended neurofeedback for COVID brain fog when a client previously experienced therapy with the Brain Health Clinic. In that case, your previous records establish a baseline as to your normal brain activity. We can then make a comparison with your current brain state and develop a therapy plan that is effective and trustworthy.

For more information about how the Brain Health Clinic can help you overcome brain fog, contact us by phone or online for a free consultation.

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