Neurofeedback for Post-COVID Neurological Disorders

Long COVID Symptoms

The threat of the pandemic may be waning, but for many people the side effects of COVID are still with them. Long COVID or post-COVID complications are sadly commonplace. At least 10% of COVID patients experience symptoms long after the body has eliminated the virus. If these symptoms persist for more than three months, the patient falls in the category of long COVID.

Damage to the neural tissues caused by the virus is considered to be the primary cause of long-lasting neurological symptoms. These symptoms of post-COVID complications include:

Recently two Czech scientists from Charles University in Prague presented a thorough scientific article in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience suggesting that neurofeedback would be an effective way to treat many of the neurological symptoms of long COVID.

Even before the pandemic, neurofeedback was effectively helping patients with many of the symptoms seen with post-COVID complications. Fatigue, depression, cognitive fogginess, certain types of muscle pain and headaches have all been demonstrably improved via neurofeedback. Therefore, the researchers concluded: “we propose that neurofeedback may represent a potential therapy for post-COVID-19 neurological complications.”

Relief from Long COVID

If you would like to follow the recommendation of these scientists and try neurofeedback therapy as a means of reducing fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, or any of the other symptoms commonly found in long COVID, the Brain Health Clinic of Sacramento is able to assist. To meet your specific needs, we can apply our years of experience helping people feel brilliant. For more information, contact us by phone or online.

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