Stop the Stress!

Stop the Stress

The COVID-19 situation has many people frightened, stressed and hiding out at home. Any pre-existing health conditions can cause the anxiety to be even worse. Such stress primarily comes from a fear of the unknown; specifically worrying about whether we, or our loved ones, will become infected by this new strain of coronavirus. And if we are infected, what will the outcome be?

Stress Can Be Counterproductive

Ultimately, excessive stress can lead to the very thing we are trying to avoid, which is illness. Biologically, stress is meant to be a reaction to a specific situation in a moment of time — not a response that stretches out for days and weeks on end. The result is well documented, with excessive inflammation, increased cardiac risk, sleep abnormalities, and fatigue being known side effects of chronic stress. All of these problems reduce our body’s ability to fight the very infection that we may fear the most!

Reducing Stress with Neurofeedback

If stressful thoughts are taking away your daily joy in life and the ability to cope, neurofeedback has a long history in the scientific community for its ability to minimize the brain processes that lead to anxiety and stress. Since the 1960s, psychologists have applied neurofeedback therapy for patients with uncontrollable anxiety, experiencing considerable success. At the Brain Health Clinic, we have likewise helped many patients to successfully control their thought processes that lead to stress.

As an essential business, we remain open to provide treatment for our patients. Our one-on-one clinic reduces the need for exposure to others and our scrupulous sanitation practices protect not only your health, but also ours. Each day, the personal equipment used by patients for neurofeedback training is prepared just for them. The digitized brain training is likewise tailored to each client’s specific brainwave patterns. The ultimate outcome is a patient better prepared to meet the daily challenge of protecting themselves and their family by doing the best they can in their personal circumstance.

To stop the cycle of stressful thinking, talk to Dr. Gay Teurman at the Brain Health Clinic in Sacramento and request an initial free consultation to learn more about anxiety and neurofeedback training.

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