How to Benefit from PEMF

How to Benefit from PEMF

The FDA first accepted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a medical and veterinary treatment in 1979. Used with both horses and humans, PEMF was intended to aid in the healing of fractures and to reduce swelling at injury sites. Since then, many different medical studies have examined the use of PEMF for treating other types of conditions, with positive results in certain situations. Before using PEMF therapy, however, most clients want to know if it works, how it works, and how the Brain Health Clinic can help them use PEMF to benefit their own well-being

Demonstrated Positive Effects of PEMF

PEMF has provided many patients, both human and animal, with improved outcomes after suffering injury or disease. For example, one 12-week study in the journal Blood Pressure demonstrated improved systolic and diastolic pressure in patients with hypertension. Another study with rats featured in the journal Life Science showed that arthritis can be treated equally well by using PEMF or standard drug therapy. These are just two examples of how the anti-inflammatory properties of appropriate PEMF use can be beneficial, and there are many others that have been found since 1979.

Therefore, when drug therapy is inappropriate or ineffective for certain health conditions, PEMF may present an alternative that is beneficial for the patient. It can also be used alongside standard therapies, whenever appropriate.

How Does PEMF Work

The electromagnetic force is one of the fundamental forces governing the universe (gravity, and the strong and weak atomic forces, are the others). Via the principles of electromagnetism, magnetic fields can produce electricity, and electricity can generate magnetic fields. Nearly all of the appliances and electronic devices in our homes produce electromagnetic fields (EMF), but these are uncontrolled and undirected. At high levels and certain frequencies, EMF can even be detrimental to your health. Therefore, although PEMF devices use electricity to produce electromagnetic fields, these fields are pulsed (not continuous), directed (to provide specific therapeutic effects), and controlled for both field strength and frequency.

They Sell PEMF Machines on the Internet – Should I Buy One?

The problem with seeing PEMF therapy as a “do-it-yourself” wellness system is that research into the benefits of PEMF is ongoing. For your specific condition there may be demonstrated benefits. For another condition, using PEMF will be nothing more than a placebo and you should have spent your time and money with a different, more effective therapy. It takes a trained therapist undergoing continuous education to determine whether your individual situation might be improved by PEMF.

Also, a quality PEMF device with real therapeutic value has different settings. These are not just “electric blankets” where your sole adjustment is based on the temperature you prefer. Do you need a specific field arrangement or orientation to achieve maximal effect? Are given wave frequencies better for your condition than others? For many health problems, answers to these questions exist in the scientific literature, and Brain Health Clinic can help guide you through the information and provide you with helpful advice about how you can get the most benefit out of PEMF.

Therefore, do not go it alone when it comes to PEMF! If you think that using PEMF therapy may be useful for your situation, consult with the Brain Health Clinic to receive more information about this relatively new “field” of health and wellness.

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Dear Dr. Teurman;
About a year and a half ago, I had one – just 1! – session with you. It has changed my life so profoundly for the better! What a great gift it is to be able to live in the PRESENT! To be happy with the everyday goodness of life, without carrying about the piercing, unhealed wounds of a traumatizing childhood. AND all this during the pandemic, and a rather shattering four years of, shall we say, a rather unconventional administration in D.C. I would call you a magician, but I know that you are using techniques based in science. (With a LOT of HEART!) My partner of 35 years, Jim, will be coming in with me when I return for another session. He is astonished by the changes in our day-to-day relationship, and wants to make some changes of his own. THANK YOU! ~ Sincerely, Shannon Tolson

Thank you for your kind spirit and generous appreciation. You are a blessing to your community and you spread the word of health with such vibrancy. I hope to see you again.

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