Are You Ready for Neurofeedback?

Ready for Neurofeedback

The Brain Health Clinic of Sacramento has successfully assisted hundreds of patients to improve the way they feel and think by using neurofeedback therapy. As a result of this experience with a variety of neurological complaints, we have seen certain common thought patterns that demonstrate a patient is ready for neurofeedback. In effect, these are the attitudes that drive success when starting neurofeedback therapy.

Commitment to Results

Whatever the complication that you face, whether it’s cognitive fogginess, brain trauma, post-concussive disorder, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), you need to be convinced that your life will be better when you rid your body of the symptoms of your problem. It is very difficult to make progress with someone who says: “My problem is not so bad. I can just live with it.” A person with conviction — a strong belief that their life must improve — is going to take their regular neurofeedback sessions seriously. They will attend their appointments and maintain the advances they’ve made while reaching out for further improvements.

Commitment to Change

Besides providing the benefits of neurofeedback therapy, our therapists may also offer other suggestions related to your lifestyle. Certain patterns of behavior and types of diet, for example, may have demonstrated connections to the problem you want to solve. Are you open to changing habits and attitudes in order to improve your quality of life? Or do you just want us to “flip a switch” and let the electronics do all the work? Neurofeedback can create positive improvements in brain function, but the benefits are magnified when the patient is willing to make adjustments in their life that are known to help.

Commitment to Invest in Yourself

Any valuable service has a cost and the services provided by the Brain Health Clinic are no different. People spend significant amounts of money on entertainment or luxuries, and view it as an investment in their happiness. Are you prepared to see the cost of neurofeedback in the same way? Is it an investment in your well-being, or is it money you’d rather spend somewhere else? To stick with neurofeedback from beginning to end, meeting your treatment goals requires seeing the value that comes from investing in your mental health.

The initial free consultation offered by the Brain Health Clinic is one way for you to determine whether or not you are ready for neurofeedback therapy. We get to know a little bit about you and your problem, and you can find out just what we can do to help you do something about it. To discuss how you feel about these aspects of treatment with neurofeedback, contact us via our online form or by phone today.

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