Far Infrared Rays and the BioMat


When the sun comes out after a rainstorm, do you enjoy looking to the sky for signs of a rainbow? The vibrant colors of the rainbow represent all the various waves of visible light found in the electromagnetic spectrum. With colors going from red to violet, these are the electromagnetic waves that we can actually see. Beyond the visible light spectrum found in the rainbow lies the ultraviolet spectrum and the infrared spectrum. Neither of these spectrums are visible to human eyes, although some animals are capable of sensing light in these spectrums. Ultraviolet light waves have the potential to damage our health, while infrared light waves, as found in the BioMat, can help us be healthier. What’s the difference between ultraviolet and infrared light? And what is a BioMat?

Ultraviolet Compared to Infrared

Ultraviolet light is made up of really small waves. When it comes to electromagnetic waves, the shorter the wave, the more energy it produces. That’s why we use sunscreens, glasses, and windows with UV protection. Ultraviolet light has a lot of energy, so much that it actually damages human cells, causing sunburns and ruining your eyesight. At their smallest, ultraviolet waves are about the width of a molecule.

The infrared light spectrum starts at the other side of the rainbow and features longer electromagnetic waves — from the width of a single cell to the width of a small pinhead. These waves are low energy, but with a lot of potential to do good. The shorter infrared waves do not generate heat. You use these near-infrared waves every time you push a button on your TV remote control.

Far infrared waves are the ones that actually produce heat and therefore have therapeutic value. The warmth produced by these infrared waves improves blood flow, increasing cellular oxygenation. This stimulates the healing of damaged tissues. Infrared waves are also known to have the following benefits:

  • Relieving minor joint and muscle pain or stiffness,
  • Reducing arthritis pain,
  • Easing muscle spasms,
  • Minimizing the side effects of sprains,
  • Reducing minor back pain,
  • Relaxing muscles,
  • Increasing local circulation.

The BioMat is specifically designed to comfortably produce these warming far infrared waves. You can try therapy with the BioMat at the Brain Health Clinic. If you find that far infrared waves are beneficial for treating your condition, you can also acquire a BioMat from our Sacramento clinic. To find out more, contact us about BioMat therapy by using our convenient online form or by calling the Brain Health Clinic.

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